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Do you want to grow great food? This blog is a great way to start.

About Darren Pearce

I've been growing great food for over 50 years now! In addition, I have an annual vegetable plant nursery & have grown commercial microgreens for restaurants and farmers markets. Let me show you how to grow great food and have the gardens & harvests you've always wanted.

Making Those Seasonal Garden Transitions by Building Your Soil

Amending Your Soil Every year vital nutrients get used up or depleted by the fruit and vegetables that you grow & harvest. Even if your ground lay fallow (unused or unplanted) for a season, nutrients can be depleted through water leaching down into the soil. So, whether you are succession planting or starting fresh with your new garden [...]


Benefits of Eating Locally & Seasonally

It’s so easy to forget to eat seasonally these days with all the simple to fix processed food, fast food restaurants and the blurred lines of the global food chains. Food is grown round the world, picked green, shipped internationally, ripened with ethylene and plopped onto the shelves as “fresh produce” marketed with images of local small farms [...]


My Top Quick to Mature Spring Crops

There easily over 45 different cool weather crops that can be grown in your Spring Garden or even over-wintered through your 3 Season Garden. But if you want to squeeze in a quick spring garden before your warm weather garden gets going there are a few things to consider. As always grow what you like to eat. That [...]

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